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Stay Tuned for Summer Marathon 2017
Written by Jordan Laird   
Tuesday, 18 April 2017 18:14


May 4th: Star Wars / John Williams (Isaac Luther)

May 11th: Red Hot Chili Peppers (Double E) May 14th: Concert

May 18th: Hall and Oates (Todd Richards & Co.) May 20th: Concert

May 25th: Jack Johnson (Pat Donahoe) June 3rd: Concert



June 1st: Dave Matthews Band (Spencer Mahon) June 14th: Concert

June 8th: Tom Petty (Radke and Double E) June 10th: Concert

June 15th: Sublime (JLaird and Courtis)

June 22nd: Three Doors Down (JLB)

June 29th: U2 (Todd Richards) July 1st: Concert



July 6th: Panic! At the Disco (Tatijana and Jordan)

July 13th: Billy Joel (Double E) July 14th: Concert

July 20th: Queen (Todd & Co.) July 21st: Concert

July 27th: Blondie (Paul Monsour)



August 3rd: The Beatles (JLB)

August 10th: Green Day (Double E & Co.) August 21st: Concert

August 17th: Coldplay (Double E & Co.) August 19th: Concert

August 24th: John Mayer (Amy Popick) August 30th: Concert

August 31st: Foo Fighters (Craig Friedmann)


Have Your Voice Heard! New Music Stingers

Ballyhoo - Girls. - 3.6%
New Beat Fund - Ashes - 0%
Lana Del Rey - Love - 12.7%
Coin - I Don't Wanna Dance - 0%

Total votes: 55