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Friday, 09 May 2014 10:21
DJ Name On Air Specialty Show
Alanna Crummie Monday, 1pm - 4pm
Allen Thompson Tuesday, 10pm-1am Somewhere Between Sunrise and Sunset
Alyssa Lawrence Monday, 10am - 1pm
Bruce Stacey Thursday, 5pm-8pm
Cody Smith Friday, 10am-1pm
Commander Greg Sunday, 6pm-9 pm Golden Age of Rock & Roll
Cory Newbould Wednesday, 1pm-4pm
Craig Friedmann Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am- 9am Saturday, 9pm-11pm Country Back Roads
David Perzel Monday, 7pm-10pm
Dee Elliott Wednesday, 6pm-8pm
Dennis King Monday, 10pm-1am Island Time
Emily Thomas Wednesday, 10am-1pm
Gideon Lorete Tuesday 4pm-6pm, Sunday 5-6pm Newspulse
Heaven Roberts Saturday 7am-10am
John Basalla Saturday, 10pm- 2pm 1900 Yesterday Sunday, 5pm- 5:30pm
John Elmo Friday Night, 1am-3 am The Sound of the Underground
John Kachurek Thursday, 10am-1pm, 8pm- 10pm The Drop
Kayse Schmucker Wednesday 7pm-10pm
Kyle Susman Tuesday, 6am-9am Thursday, 8pm-10pm
Liz Miller Tuesday, 10am - 1pm, Friday 5pm-5:30pm Top 5 @ 5
Marissa Boyd Sunday, 12pm-3pm
Mike Widman Friday, 6pm-8pm
Officer Metal Friday, 10pm - 1 am The Metal Command
Sam Trapp Friday, 5pm-5:30pm Top 5 @ 5
Steve Pomeranz Tuesday, 9am- 10am On The Money
Sydney Palermo Wednesday, 4pm-7pm, Saturday 4pm -7pm
Rick O'Bannion Saturday, 7pm-9pm
Rob Reinhart Sunday, 3pm-5pm, & Saturday 11pm - 1am Acoustic Cafe
Ronny Woodburn Monday 4pm-7pm
Ryan Radke Thursday, 6am-9am
Tatijana Rodriguez Tuesday, 1pm-4pm
Todd Richards Saturday night, 1am-3am Running Late
Tom LaMoreaux Sunday, 9pm-12am Sunday Nite at the Oldies
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