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Friday, 09 May 2014 10:21
Tuesday, 4pm - 7pmTuesday, 6am - 9amTusday, 7pm - 10pm
DJ Name On Air Specialty Show
Aurora Keag Tuesday, 7pm - 10pm
Wednesday, 1pm - 4pm

Austin Nalepa Thursday, 4pm - 6pm
Friday, 1pm - 4pm
Charlie Egli Wednesday, 4pm - 7pm
Thursday, 5pm - 8pm

Throwback Thursdays
Commander Gregg Sunday, 6pm - 9pm
Wednesday, 10pm - 1am
Golden Age of Rock and Roll
Classic Jazz, Big Band, and Swing Show
Courtney Ramey Friday, 6am - 9am
Craig Friedmann Thursday, 6am - 9am
Saturday, 9pm - 11pm

Country Back Roads
Dave Droes
Tuesday, 10am - 12pm
David Perzel Monday, 7pm - 10pm
Dennis King (DK) Monday, 10pm - 1am Island Time
Double E Thursday, 6am - 9am
Emily Dowling
Isaac Luther Monday, 6am - 9am
J to the E Monday, 10am - 1pm
Saturday, 1am - 3am

Sound of the Underground
James Philbrick
Jerome Petukauskas Tuesday, 10pm-1am
Thursday, 10am - 1pm
Thursday, 6pm - 8pm

John Basalla Sunday, 5pm - 6pm
Tuesday, 1pm - 4pm
Saturday, 10am - 2pm
Programs From World War II

Jordan Laird Tuesday, 10am - 1pm
Kevin Shugrue Monday, 1pm - 4pm
Madeline Carter
Nadia Ajlouni Monday, 4pm - 7pm
Officer Metal Friday, 10pm - 1am Metal Command
Paul Monsour Tuesday, 6am - 9am
Wednesday, 10am - 1pm
Saturday, 6am - 9am
Rob Reinhart Sunday, 3pm - 5pm
Saturday, 11pm - 1am
Acoustic Café
Rick O'Bannion Saturday, 7pm - 9pm Rick O'Bannion Experience
Ryan Radke Wednesday, 7pm - 10pm
Spencer Mahon Sunday, 12pm - 3pm
Su Barrett
Wednesday, 10am - 1pm
Sydney Sailee Wednesday, 6am - 9am
Todd Richards Sunday, 1am - 3am Running Late
Tom Lamoreaux Sunday, 9pm - 12am Sunday Night at the Oldies

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